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REC GmbH in cooperation with Festo AG & Co. KG and funded through the BMBF, is developing a control system for bionic manipulators through the project BioMiC (Bionic Manipulator Control).

Bionic manipulators are inspired by nature in their construction. The software components of the regulatory system should allow for the exact control of the manipulators with very low absolute and relative mechanical precision to a desired value. Only through the use of a smart camera as a very fast feedback encoder and a unique mechanical robot controller, imprecise and therefore unpredictable mathematical structures can be precisely controlled.

Bionic manipulators, unlike the industrial robots, have inherent properties that are required for use away from the traditional field of application. With easy and flexible design, bionic manipulators are very good to interact with humans. Today rapid manufacturing facilitates low cost production of bionic manipulators so that a wider use these systems is possible. However, the flexibility of the bionic manipulator brings with it the disadvantage that the mechanical accuracy compared to standard industrial robots is very bad. Furthermore, because of many degrees of freedom, a closed inverse transformation cannot be found and because of that the set point control is either not available or very limited. So far there is no overall control of such robotic systems which reflects the full range of flexibility and complexity and also allow for independent control of the system in real time.

Path Planning

For path planning of the bionic manipulator, a RRT-based method (Rapid-Exploring Random Tree) is used.  Through this, the simplified model approaches the real kinematics. In the subsequent optimization step, the found trajectory is smoothed.

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