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VisCam Extensions

VisCam is designed to be completely modular. Various tasks of specialized, interchangeable building blocks are executed which interact with the help of clearly defined interfaces. This principle makes VisCam highly adaptable, which allows rapid access to new systems and therewith create countless new applications.

REC GmbH is currently developing the following VisCam extensions:

   Connection to the Mitsubishi RV-2AJ robot type

Festo AG uses the articulated Mitsubishi robot arm of type RV-2AJ for training purposes among other things.

Connection to the Mitsubishi robot

The 5 axis articulated RV-2AJ Mitsubishi robot has a telnet-compatible TCP/IP-based interface making it ideal for use with VisCam.

REC GmbH is currently developing a solution in conjunction with a smart camera SBOC-C-R1B from Festo. The smart camera is mounted on the mobile arm of the robot. An operating program MELFA BASIC IV which is the industry-standard programming language, communicates with VisCam and requests information about the identified objects. The robot is thus capable of identifying objects through VisCam and then grip them and manipulate them further is every possible way. VisCam does not interfere with the robot's internal control process but only provides the robot controller with object information.

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