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VisCam in operation

VisCam has been successfully used on several potential target platforms. The following videos illustrate the capabilities and usability of VisCam.

Articulated robot arm RV-2AJ (Mitsubishi/Festo)

Electronic tripod EXPT (Festo)

VisControl: Teaching objects

Articulated robot arm RV-2AJ from Mitsubishi

REC GmbH combines the 5-axis articulated RV-2AJ Mitsubishi robot with a smart camera SBOC-C-R1B from Festo. The robot controller has a telnet-compatible TCP/IP-based interface making it ideal for use with VisCam. An operating program MELFA BASIC IV which is the industry-standard programming language, communicates with VisCam and requests information about the identified objects. The robot is thus capable of identifying objects through VisCam and then grip them and manipulate them further is every possible way. VisCam does not interfere with the robot's internal control process but only provides the robot controller with object information.

The following video illustrates the searching and sorting of randomly arranged measuring spoons. The spoons consist of two different sets and one set of spoons have a few millimeters shorter stem than the other.

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Electrical tripod EXPT from Festo

REC GmbH in cooperation with Festo AG & Co. KG and funded through the BMBF, has developed a complete system for object-location detection for smart cameras in the project VisCam. VisCam uses a smart camera of the SBO series from Festo which is connected to the control system of a tripod robot.

In the following video, the smart camera is mounted on an assembly line. VisCam Server runs on the camera and process the images of the objects on the conveyor belt which are in the camera's field of view. VisCam transmits the position and grasp information to the control of the tripod which then picks up the objects from the conveyor belt according to the obtained parameters and places them at defined positions.

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VisControl: Teaching objects

The graphical user interface VisControl allows the user to easily configure VisCam Server. Contrary to many commercially available solutions in the field of image processing, our specially developed concept of the operation of the smart camera also caters to users who have little or no experience in the field of image processing.

VisCam compares the detected objects with the templates (patterns) in the internal database to identify them. These object templates can be easily managed by VisControl.

As soon as an object is in the field of view of the smart camera and the image processing system detects and classifies it, it can be added to the database of known objects. From this point onwards, all similar objects shall be detected. The generated reference object can be edited or removed at anytime with a few mouse clicks in VisControl.

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