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As an application with a graphical user interface, VisControl allows the user to easily configure the VisCam Server. Contrary to other market solutions, the intuitive concept of the smart camera also caters to users who have no expertise or experience in the field of industrial image processing.

The following sections give an overview of the key features of VisControl, the interaction with the VisCam Server and the characteristics that distinguish VisCam from the comparable solutions in the market.

VisControl and VisCam Server

VisControl runs as a user application on a standard Windows operating system.

In general VisControl is only used during the initial set-up of the system and for occasional adjustments. VisControl can be used, among other things, to adjust parameters to optimize execution steps or the mode of operation of VisCam. For this, VisCam Server makes the extensive data of all internal processing steps available, which is then interpreted and visualized by VisControl.

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Our video shows how easy it is to insert new objects into the internal database by means of VisControl.

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High importance was given to a clearly designed interface with intuitive operation to facilitate the various possibilities for VisCam's configuration.
A calibration pattern is used to establish a spatial relationship of the smart camera with the surrounding system.
Templates can be easily managed in VisControl. Apart from adding and removing templates, various settings and properties of the templates can be managed.
VisControl visualizes the intermediate steps and the result of the object recognition process and also provides the user with additional information.

The most important functions


VisControl facilitates the configuration of VisCam. Numerous parameters, which have effects on different stages of the VisCam Server-Pipeline, can be specifically adapted.

Due to the variety of possible adjustments, special attention was put for a clearly structured and intuitive operating environment. The extensive help of VisControl also describes all the customization possibilities in detail.

Installation of VisCam Server

VisControl allows for convenient and easy installation of VisCam Server on the smart camera. Since standard communication protocols (e.g ftp) are integrated into VisControl, no additional hardware or software tools are needed. VisControl also allows for the complete un-installation of VisCam Server from the target platform.

Also, updating VisCam Server on the smart camera is designed to be very easy: just click to stop, update and restart VisCam Server!


In order to make the use of VisCam with the smart camera as comfortable and flexible as possible, a simple calibration procedure was developed that establishes the spatial reference of the camera with the other system components. Here the camera, with the help of a fixed pattern, "learns" its spatial position and orientation with the structure.

Thanks to the calibration, which requires only a few steps and merely a few minutes, the camera can be integrated in various ways into the structure of the assembly.

Template Management

VisCam compares the detected objects with the templates (patterns) in the internal database to identify them. These object templates can be easily managed by VisControl.

As soon as an object is in the field of view of the smart camera and the image processing system detects and classifies it, it can be added to the database of known objects. From this point onwards, all similar objects shall be detected. The generated reference object can be edited or removed at anytime with a few mouse clicks in VisControl.

Object Recognition

VisControl visualizes the processes in VisCam. If a connection to the VisCam Server exists, VisControl receives data about the current image processing and object recognition steps. With this detailed information, all the processing steps starting from the input image from the smart camera, to the application of various filters for data processing, and finally object extraction, classification and identification, can be traced.

While only results of object identification are communicated to the robot controller, VisControl on the other hand receives the complete data of every individual processing steps. VisControl processes the data and visualizes it accordingly.

With VisControl, the mechanism of the assembly and the additional adjustments to the configuration is simple, reliable and efficient.

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