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The tree structure describes the current project and also displays the central control for all possible actions.


VisTest supplements VisCam Server and VisControl as a tool for automatic and secure verification. VisTest allows the creation of reusable test projects and is easy and intuitive to use.

In order to demonstrate the correct operation of VisCam in the operating environment, VisTest replaces the input image data of the standard video source (typically the data of an image sensor) by defined test patterns. As the reference objects of the respective test patterns are known to VisTest, the result of the object recognition can be compared with the reference so that an assertion about the proper functioning and configuration of VisCam Server can be made.

If the test images, the corresponding results, the corresponding set of object templates and the configuration of VisCam Server fit together, then a reusable test project is obtained.

VisTest can therefore arbitrarily and automatically examine a series of test images.


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