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Intelligent Transport Systems

The mobile robot F5

Mobile robots offer advantages over traditional automated guided vehicle's "genuine" autonomy. Through the use of laser scanners and cameras, mobile robot system can perform tasks such as:

  • Exploration of the environment
  • Localization
  • Path planning
  • Positioning at a workstation

without explicit adaptation of the work environment to the vehicle. The supply of material within a production process can be made more flexible and cost effective through the use of mobile robot systems.


F5 at IFF Stuttgart

The mobile robot F5 is used in the "Lernfabrik - advanced Industrial Engineering" of the Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management at the University of Stuttgart. The video shows F5 in its journey between the workstations.

F5 in simulation

The physical 3D simulation software Robotino® SIM Professional developed by us is used to perform a complete simulation of the F5 robot in the IFF Stuttgart system. This way changes in the operating software can be verified quickly and reliably. In addition, hardware changes can be implemented quickly for testing purposes. Currently, two laser scanners are simulated so that the objects that are not captured by the lower laser scanner can be detected and avoided while driving around.

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