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We develop the simulation software Robotino® SIM for our partner Festo Didactic. Robotino® SIM Professional is a tool of choice when no Robotino® is available at hand. The behaviour of the real Robotino® is simulated using 3D and physics simulation. Simple objects such as cubes, cones, cylinders or spheres and also complex ones can be easily included using "drag & drop" in the simulation world in which Robotino® moves. The simulated Robotino® behaves like a real one from the outside and makes no difference to the Robotino®'s control software Robotino® View.

Multiple possibilities

The simulation provides access to almost all the features of the real Robotino®. The motors can be controlled as the real ones are and it is also possible to gain access to various sensors:

  • The camera shows the simulated world as Robotino® would "see" it.
  • Collisions with other objects can be avoided with the 9 distance sensors.
  • If a collision does still occur then that can be recognized by Robotino®'s bumper and Robotino® will act accordingly.
  • Two optical sensors at the front can detect light and dark areas on which Robotino® moves.
  • Two inductive sensors, at the front and in the middle, allow Robotino® to align and move along a conductive line (for example, a metal strip embedded in the ground).

For specific tasks, there are special Robotino® models with enhanced features:

  • Robotino® with gripper is able to work with pieces and other objects i.e. pick them up, carry them around and lay them. The control of the gripper in Robotino® View is no different from that of the real gripper.
  • Robotino® with laser scanner will one day be able to scan and map its environment. The control of the laser scanner in Robotino® View is currently under development.

Expandability, thanks to modern technologies

The simulation is not just restricted to Robotino®. Using a plug-in interface, other systems and equipment can also be simulated. That doesn't have to be limited to production equipment but can also be other robot systems such as humanoid robots. The imagination here, within the capabilities of the NVIDIA PhysX engine, has not limits.

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